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General Information


When taking your road test please ensure you have the following:


  • Drivers License or in the case of a suspension, a Class 8 Alberta I.D. card or other government I.D. card with your photo.


  • Valid Vehicle Registration


  • Valid Insurance Card


If you do not have current registration or proof of insurance your road test will be discontinued and you will not receive a refund for the test. 

Vehicle Requirements

The following are some factors to consider before arriving for your road test as your test may be discontinued with no refund if any of these conditions exist:


  • The vehicle you are driving isn't mechanically sound. 


  • Brake, signal or other lights are not working.


  • The horn doesn't work.


  • The windshield isn't in good condition.  A crack that does not interfere with either the driver's view or that of the examiner is permitted. 


  • The driver and passenger side windows do not operate.


  • Has a muffler that is excessively loud.


  • Has window tinting that doesn't meet the standard that is legal in Alberta.


  • The examiner may refuse vehicles that have excessively high lift kits as the examiner will not risk injury entering or exiting this type of vehicle. 


Click on a link below or at the top of the page for detailed information for each Class of test