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Road Test Information

Class 2

A Class 2 road test may be taken if you are 18 years or older and hold a valid Alberta non-GDL Class 5 license.  Before your road test you are required to pass a Class 2 knowledge test, obtain a satisfactory medical report, and if the bus is equipped with air brakes, have proof of qualification to hold an air brake endorsement.


Your knowledge and air brake test may be completed at any Alberta Registry Agent office.

Your Class 2 road test usually takes approximately 60 minutes and is a two part timed test.  Part 1 of the test includes a pre-trip inspection and if equipped, an air brake pre-trip inspection.  Part 2 includes the driving portion of the test.


The examiner will explain the test procedures and you will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the test.  If you fail Part 1 of the test, Part 2 will be discontinued.